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Summer is almost here and that means students everywhere are looking for ways to enjoy the sun, hang out with friends and not spend a fortune doing it. Although Mother Nature is testing our limits with all of this rain lately, we can hope the nice weather is coming soon! I'm definitely ready for some carefree summer days

For most of us, summer means cramming in as many outdoor activities as possible with friends and family. The real excitement though is that summer entertainment is either extremely cheap or FREE! During the winter months, its much harder to find cheap entertainment when its freezing and theres three feet of snow on the ground. Yuck!

Over the next couple of months I HIGHLY suggest that all of you get off your couch and live it up. Get active, go to the beach, play sand volleyball and make the most out of your summer! Check your local paper or browse the internet to find cheap or low-cost events happening near you. You dont need to spend a fortune to have fun this time of year. Its all about kicking back and enjoying the warm weather!

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Posted on May 30, 2013, in Money Saving Tips

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