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4th of July: Money Saving Tips!

4th of July: Money Saving Tips!

Fourth of July is a great holiday to spend time with your friends and family while staying home, going camping or boating on the lake. If you are looking to be frugal this year with the celebration of our independence, check out these money saving tips so your wallet doesn’t fizzle out like a sparkler!

Enjoy the Fireworks
What is the Fourth of July without fireworks? Put on your red, white and blue attire, grab a blanket and head to your city’s 4th of July celebration to enjoy a night of fireworks in the sky. Click here to see a list of Independence Day celebrations in Central/Southern Iowa.

Extreme Couponing
If you decide to host a party, check your local paper ads for coupons to save on food and beverages this weekend! Try and stay away from expensive pre-cut or already prepared items! Although these are convenient, they are extremely overpriced. You might want to consider buying your food in bulk at a discount warehouse such as Sam’s Club or Costco. These stores require memberships, but it generally pays for itself after a few trips.

DIY Decorations
If you are anything like me, then you enjoy getting crafty! Check out Pinterest.com for some fun DIY (do it yourself)  Fourth of July decorations! Pinterest also has some creative and delicious recipes for the upcoming holiday! Click here to check out some fun ideas for your Fourth of July celebration!

If you are in need of some last minute items, head to your local dollar store! They will most likely sell cups, plates, silverware, decorations and more so you can outfit your party in style while on a budget.

Have a Potluck!
You can save yourself and your friends a ton of money if you all contribute to a potluck. Have each guest bring a dish to the party. Send out an email or Facebook message to the whole group to help coordinate what everyone is bringing. This will avoid the problem of having duplicate dishes. It also leads to having a bunch of delicious options without people spending more than $5-$20 per party.

Keep the Action Outside
Entertain your guests with fun outdoor activities, events, and games that everyone can play. Have a pool party, or get a set of bags for your guests to play while enjoying some fun in the sun. A lot of energy is wasted during the holiday weekend with people constantly coming in and out of the house. Keeping everyone outside will help minimize the electricity and air conditioning being used. What an easy way to save money while enjoying the beautiful summer air!

What are you doing to stay frugal this 4th of July? Tell us below in a comment!

Posted on Jun 26, 2013, in 4th of July, Money Saving Tips

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