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Celebrate Labor Day Weekend on a Budget!

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend on a Budget!

I have been counting down the days to Labor Day Weekend this year! Why? Well for starters, I will be heading to Chicago to see some of my closest friends, college football starts and it’s a 3 day weekend! How can it get any better than that?

Although I am looking forward to my weekend, I am not looking forward to how much money I may be spending on my 3 day adventure! With gas, dining out and miscellaneous Chicago expenses, I decided I need to create a budget for myself. If any of you have been to Chicago you know things can add up quickly. I decided to carpool with some friends to save on gas, and to limit fast food on the way, I am bringing a small cooler with snacks and drinks! Lastly, as tempting as Michigan Ave might be, I decided that shopping can wait this weekend. Instead, I will be enjoying some Hawkeye football, scoping out the Windy City and enjoying the beautiful weather!

What are your plans this weekend? Here are a few tips for celebrating Labor Day weekend on budget:

1. Vacation
If you are thinking about traveling this weekend consider some of these tips:

  • Avoid toll routes if possible
  • Tune up your vehicle
  • Use cruise control (save on gas and save you from that possible speeding ticket!)
  • Avoid that instant gratification of fast food by bringing a small cooler full of healthy snacks and beverages
  • If you have a long drive, make sure you get a good night sleep or try camping instead of paying for hotel costs
  • Look for the cheapest gas

2. Staycation
If you aren’t traveling anywhere this weekend, take advantage of the time off by staying home, relaxing and having your very own “Staycation.” This is a perfect time to spend quality time with family, friends and to just have a little time to yourself! Get caught up on things around the house or just enjoy doing absolutely nothing!

3. Party
Holidays are always a great reason to spend quality time with your friends and family and to throw a fabulous party! Just remember, food makes the party. Hungry guests are angry guests, but there’s no need to fear! After all, college football starts this weekend! What a great reason to have a get-together and pig out on food! Check Pinterest for some easy, cheap and delicious recipes for game day! This is also a good weekend to host a pot luck where everyone brings a dish to save you the cost and hassle of supplying the food! For beverages have your guests BYOB! Or rather than buying individual bottles, buy large containers of lemonade or tea. Use plastic cups that can be refilled when necessary. Leave a few Sharpies near the beverage station for your guests to write their names on their cups, so they don’t get lost or thrown away. Lastly, go outside, play games and just enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!

I hope you all have an amazing 3 day weekend! Enjoy your time off and Go Hawkeyes!

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