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Your Voice Checking

Your Voice Checking

Hey everyone! Did you know at Community 1st Credit Union we have awesome checking accounts for young adults? If you are between the ages 18-25 you qualify for two of our accounts: Your Voice Checking and Your Voice Advantage Checking. They each come with options and benefits tailored just for you! Let’s take a look!

Your Voice Advantage Checking:

1. Everywhere Cash Savings
Saving at your favorite retailers has never been easier! Simply go online and lcik or print your way to savings. Shop online through the network of top online retailers and receive cash back on qualifying purchases. Or, select from a wide variety of coupons to print and use in store. Choose from recreation savings, dining speials, auto and home services, and more!

2. Discount Tracks + Tix
Members have access to an exclusive discount music club where they can download their favorite songs at 15% below retail price. Best of all, members automatically earn 36 downloads per year- at no additional cost! Plus, members receive discounts on any entertainment ticket purchase, such as sporting events, concerts, theatre and more!

3. Emergency Roadside Assistance
There’s never a good time to break down. That’s why the Roadside Assistance Hotline is accessible when you need it – 24 hours a day, every day. Whether it’s a flat tire, a dead battery or a minor repair, have a peace of mind knowing you’re covered for three events (tows, lockout protections, and emergency roadside assistance) up to $80 each per membership year!

4. One Overdraft Refund Per Year
It happens! If you have Your Voice Advantage Checking you can refund one NSF (non-sufficient fund) fee per year!

5. Free “MyPic” Debit Card
Want to know what is even more awesome? At C1st you can customize your debit card with the “My Pic” Debit Card. When was the last time your debit card made you smile? Your Voice members can place an image of their choice on the front of the card. There is typically a $15 fee for designing a custom card. But for members of Your Voice, it’s FREE!

Check out C1styourvoice.com or C1stcu.com to get more information on how you can begin your membership with C1st today!

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