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Halloween on a Budget!

Halloween on a Budget!

Halloween is just a week away and I could not be more excited! The haunted houses, the eerie decorations, the constant reruns of Hocus Pocus…..I love it all. During this festive fall time of superstition and celebration, Halloween can get pretty expensive. Here are a few tips on how you can save some money on Halloween expenses so you won’t be left in a fright come November.

Store bought costumes are ridiculously expensive and are usually overrated. Get in touch with your artistic side and make your own unique and budget friendly costume! If you need some ideas to get started, check out the links below!

There’s no need to purchase the first glowing goblin you see at a retail store. Instead, try making simple decorations that set a spooky tone for the evening. To help you stay on a budget, MAKE SURE to check out your local thrift store. Most thrift stores have an abundance of Halloween decorations and they’re usually cheap!  You can also make a lot of delightfully scary decorations out of things you already have lying around at home:

  • For some scary looking ghosts, use open white plastic garbage bags or sheets, a Styrofoam ball, and a rubber band used to secure the neck. Use a permanent marker to draw a face on the head and hang these ghosts outside on your trees!
  • Want to make a graveyard? You can easily make headstones out of those unwanted cardboard boxes you have lying around the house. Cut them into tombstone shapes and drape a foil over it or paint it grey and scribble, “RIP” on it for a quick, front yard cemetery.
  • Scare up some fun with a few inexpensive decorations such as jack-o’-lanterns lighted with black and orange candles! Place these on your deck, front porch or even on your fire place to give the full Halloween look!
  • Hang fake spider webs and plastic spiders to spook up a hall, corner, or chandelier.
  • Party
    Are you eager to host a Halloween party this year but not sure you can afford it? Establish a budget. Set aside a certain amount of money and do not go over it. If you exercise good judgment and follow these tips, you can throw a wonderful party for less than $300.

    Some ideas:

  • Try sending out an email or a Facebook message to your guests instead of mailing formal invitations
  • Request that each guest brings a side dish or their own drinks
  • Hold a Halloween Costume Contest!
  • Fill the night with Halloween music, games and contests to keep the night flowing for your guests!

For more fun and frugal Halloween recipes, decorations and party ideas, click here! With these tips, you can be sure to get into the Halloween spirit without sacrificing your wallet!

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