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‘Tis the Season to Shop on a Budget

‘Tis the Season to Shop on a Budget

Can you believe Christmas is a little over a month away? Well if you’re anything like me, you haven’t even started to think about Christmas shopping. Now is the time to start making your list and checking it twice, because ready or not, the holidays are on their way! Check out some of these tips to survive the holiday shopping season without busting your budget….

Make a List.Write down everyone you plan to buy a gift for, no matter how small the gift may be. Include ideas of what to give each person, along with the maximum amount you’re willing to spend. This will help you manage your holiday budget.

Black Friday Shopping. If you’re looking for great deals and aren’t afraid of battling the crazy long lines, the day after Thanksgiving is a shopping must. Get a head start by checking Couponvario.com before the big day. The site lists Black Friday ads from various stores and updates the information as it becomes available, allowing you to plan out which stores to hit and what products you intend to buy. Some stores even offer advance “Black Friday” sales before Thanksgiving! Make sure to check them out!

Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the holiday season and many online retailers will offer special discounts on their products the day of. It takes place the Monday after Black Friday. Beat the crowds and shop online.  Don’t miss your chance to find some great deals!

Plan ahead.  If you’re not already a Christmas Club member, consider opening an account at C1st. Christmas Club accounts are unique savings programs that allow you to save throughout the year for the holiday season. Deposit any amount throughout the year or let us help you with automatic deposit options. On October 1st of each year, we will return your yearly savings along with the dividends – just in time for the holiday shopping season.

  • No minimum balance
  • Funds transfer automatically into checking or savings on October 1st
  • Two withdrawals (emergency only) allowed per year

Holiday Skip-A-Pay. Take a break this holiday season! We all know the holidays can be an expensive time of year but why not make yours a little less stressful. Enjoy some extra cash with our Holiday Skip-A-Pay program and skip your December loan payment. C1st will extend the term of your loan by an additional month.  Then, what you do with the extra cash is up to you!

Do you have holiday spending tips and tricks?  Share them in the comments below!

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