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Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year is just a week away and once again retailers are offering holiday deals in an attempt to get more shoppers into their stores. Several of the biggest retailers are opening earlier than last year in hopes to one-up their competition. Stay ahead of the game by checking out some of these helpful Black Friday Shopping Tips!

1. Set a Budget
Before you decide to wait hours in the freezing cold weather, sit down and create a shopping budget! If you dive into Black Friday without any price limits, then the point of super low sale prices doesn’t really matter all that much, does it? Check out this awesome app called My Christmas Budget to help you plan and track your holiday spending.

2. Research the “BIG” deals
Get a head start by searching the official Black Friday shopping website for ads and deals from your favorite stores!

3. Have a Plan
The most important thing you should do on this crazy so called holiday is to have a shopping strategy. Without one, you will have a hard time finding what you want. Try making a list of the top three places you must go, and embrace the fact that you might not make it to the rest. Remember to check store hours since most of them are opening earlier than ever this year. Some large retailers even have maps online so you know where everything is at.

4. Download Black Friday Apps
There are lots of apps available that can help you improve your Black Friday shopping experience even more! Check em’ out!

5. Cyber Monday
If you are unable to go Black Friday shopping or you would rather avoid the large crowds, try shopping online on Cyber Monday! Although there is something fun about waking up at the crack of dawn in hopes to get that 50” flat screen TV on sale, I would much rather cozy up by the fire place and shop online. Best of all, most places have free shipping!

Whatever you decide to do to get your holiday shopping done, have fun and good luck!

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