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Microsoft Stock Price Today Chart

Microsoft Stock Price Today Chart

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This is a daily updated chart of the Microsoft stock price. The chart includes the current stock price, the last day's price, the high and low of the day, and the percentage change from the day's high to the day's low.

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Microsoft's stock price today is down by 1.24% after the company announced that it will be selling its online gaming division for $3 billion. The move comes as a bit of a surprise given that the gaming market is seeing strong growth, but it does seem to be an attempt to focus on other areas of the company's business. Overall, it's hard to say exactly why the sale is happening, but it could be that Microsoft is feeling pressure to make a larger profit.

Microsoft's stock price is currently hovering around $120. The company is seeing strong demand for its products and services, but it is also facing some competition from its peers. The company's stock price has been hovering around this level for the past few weeks, but it is possible that it could go higher.

Microsoft stock price today chart provides an interesting insight into the company's recent performance. The green line indicates the company's stock price over the past twelve months, while the blue line shows the company's stock price over the past three months. The company has been on an upswing lately, with its stock price increasing by 10% over the past year. However, the company is still in a period of growth, with its stock price increasing by 5% in the past month.

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