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What is Your Voice

Your Voice is brought to you by Community 1st Credit Union. Our mission is to provide financial services customized for the 13-25 crowd by creating a fun and innovative space where our teens and young adults can actively share thoughts and ideas.

1. Giving our teens and young adults a voice

Here at Community 1st Credit Union we felt that teens and young adults in our communities were not getting a voice when it came down to the financial education they needed. With the launch of our Facebook page and Your Voice website we are allowing our 13-25 crowd to speak up.

2. Giving our teens and young adults a head start

We are here to help our teens and young adults get a head start with their finances. If you are between the ages 13-25 you qualify for our Your Voice Checking account which has options and benefits tailored just for you!

3. Providing our teens and young adults with financial education

We feel it is important that teens and young adults are educated on handling their money and finances! Your Voice can help you start positive habits such as saving money and budgeting at an earlier age.

We understand that life isn't just about managing your finances. It's about living and having fun! That's why our Your Voice Spokesperson will be out in the community sponsoring contests and events and sharing the fun things that matter to you!

Any information contained within the contents of this blog are opinions and suggestions of the writers and do not necessarily reflect any policies or positions of the credit union. Any reference made to products or promotions are not guaranteed at any time. This information is not intended to be considered financial advice. It is provided for your education only. Community 1st Credit Union is Federally Insured by the NCUA.